Sunday Funday! Yesterday was awesome.

Reading: A couple of books. I am about to start Insurgenttoday (part two of the Divergent trilogy) and I'm really excited. I've also been checking out different gardening books. Our backyard is in the process of being landscaped and although I grew up with a Mom who grew everything in our backyard, I am clueless. We have a huge yard that will soon be perfect for a garden but I have no idea where to begin. I just want to start really small, so if any of you have any recommendations on books or websites to check out I'd love that!

Watching: So Henry still takes two naps a day, and I usually use the first nap to get things done around the house (dishes, vacuuming, etc.) and then the second nap I'll typically watch some television via Apple TV while I work on blog stuff. His afternoon naps is usually at least two hours so I can often watch a couple of episodes of whatever show I'm into at the moment. I finished up Parenthood (amazing) and decided I'd start something a little different so I watched the first episode of The Vampire Diaries. Now, you need to know that I have a love for really cheesy shows, especially ones on the CW or ABC Family. Remember my obsession with Make it Or Break It? Anyway, even after the first episode I knew I'd love it so that's what I'm watching now.  I love vampire stuff, and I am definitely a Twilight fan (even though the writing is horrible and NO vampire story can ever hold a candle to Anne Rice), so this is a fun show to add to my vampire show love-list, along with True Blood.

Anticipating: today! Well, later today. One of our best friends Alex is coming to visit with his girlfriend Stephanie, and we are all so excited. They are on a cross-country trip to move Stephanie to San Francisco from Brooklyn, and they are stopping here for a couple of days. Alex has already visited our little town but Stephanie's never been here (and we've never met her!). So I'm really, really looking forward to the next two days.

Laughing about: Henry's ever-growing vocabulary. A friend asked me how many words he uses right now, and I said about 15, but then Hank and I counted last night and I think it's closer to 25. This kid's vocabulary has exploded over the past week and I feel like he has a couple new words everyday. Yesterday Hank and I were dying from laughter as Henry yelled "COOL!" about 100 times in a row on our drive home from Phoenix. "COOL! COOL! COOL!" over and over. It was too adorable to be annoying, but ask me again during our next two hour drive. ;)

Listening to: The Swellers. I don't know what took me so long! Hank loves this band and I always avoided listening to them for one reason or another, but while driving last week he put them on and I fell in love! The song "The Best I Ever Had" pretty much sealed the deal for me and I'm looking forward to seeing them live this upcoming Sunday.

Eating: one of the best pizzas of my life at Le Grande Orange. Now, I'm from the East Coast so I feel like I know pizza, and the pizza I've recently had at LGO is up in the top three pizzas I've ever had, and the best "gourmet" pizza by far. We got the roasted corn pizza, which is also topped with goat cheese and basil and it is truly to die for. If you've been to Phoenix, have you ever visited LGO? If not, seriously make a trip, and seriously try their corn pizza. It's amazing.

Working on: a couple of things I feel like I'm always working on. It's a weird thing, being a human. No matter how many times I tell myself to do this, or not do this, it's always hard to really change your ways, no matter how big or how small. But then I think about things I've accomplished in this mind of mine, and it's promising when I feel discouraged. I used to be so sensitive towards criticism, mean comments, or things of that nature. And it's par for the course when putting your life out there. Granted I only share a small portion here, but still, I used to get devastated when I'd see that someone had left something unkind in this space. I cared far too much to the point of letting it ruin my day (which makes me feel kind of pathetic to admit). But I was surprised recently when I received some particularly vile remarks that it didn't bother me in the least. I know it seems silly, but that was a huge triumph for me. I can talk the talk all day about being positive, but 100% walking the walk no matter what has always been a little difficult. I feel like I'm more there than I've ever been, and this makes me so happy. So I think to things like this when I find myself feeling defeated by personal goals I'm working on (why did I let that person's shittiness get me down? why can't I just get up and feel motivated every morning? etc etc...) I think to things I've overcome and it keeps me moving forward and making progress.

Wishing: That my family lived closer. My sister and her husband are building a house out by my parents', but I wish so badly I could transport all of them up here.

How about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.