Get It, Girl!

One of my favorite things to do is hop on a cardio machine and sweat for an hour or so to good music, super early in the morning. I like to hit the gym before Hank and Henry are even awake, get my workout out of the way, and enjoy a little me time too. It helps to keep me grounded, happy, and always gets me motivated to have a productive rest of my day. And sometimes when I'm in a rut all I need is a new workout playlist to get me going. Below are my current favorite cardio songs- my playlist is always changing but lately these have been my go-to picks for getting into the zone for a good cardio session, be it outside running, on the stair master, or on the elliptical. Some of these songs are a liiiiittle embarrassing (and a couple are not work or child appropriate so listen at your own risk!) but judge all you want, they get the job done! ;)

And if you wouldn't mind, would you share some of your favorite get-up-and-go cardio songs in the comments? I'd love to find some new favorites.

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