Just working on a series of canvases for my upcoming show. My first tribute/remix on Vaughn Bodé's famous cartoon world. Like almost all writers i grew up with his characters. Honestly not by his reading his original comic strips in first but by seeing the figures painted by graff writers on trains and walls. I saw "Lizard" stuff in Munich in around '88 done by a writer named "Lancy/Lency" on the city's river bridges. So in the first moment i thought the "lizard" figure was his character haha (damn, need to find those photo print from back in the days... guess they are somewhere in my old hidey-hole....).
Bodé's illustrations are such a big part of the graffiti visual world and they have been adapted so often i never dared to get my hands on it. And using pop cultural icons for your own artwork can be easily become very tricky, cheeky and dodgy. But as Lizard‘n‘Wizard are a common but also my personal heritage i wanted to work on some tribute at last. Hoping this clash of my Teddy Trooper boys and Bodé‘s world is good enough to make it something acceptable unique than just copycat repainting his visuals what is however still legal.
They all will be up next month at my show. So, Brooklyn be ready for some Fortress‘ Bodéntruppen*! More details on the exhibition soon....
(*German word for "ground forces")