Blog Spotlight V.8

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile (although I've been meaning to), but after receiving a thoughful comment from a reader today I thought I would bring it back...and today's spotlight is a blog I've been meaning to talk more about here for awhile. is a new read of mine, but it's become a fast favorite. It's a beautiful place full of inspiring projects, gorgeous photos, and lots of fun features. She gives us peeks into her adorable home, shares delicious recipes, but also includes a lot of more day-to-day personal posts too. I really enjoy the space she's created, and I think you will too. Most recently I've loved reading about her Christmas decorating- and seriously, how adorable are Carly and her hubby? Oh, and if you think she looks familiar, you may remember that she was featured on Tattoo Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. Carly's husband is a tattoo artist himself, so keep your eyes peeled for his very own Tattoo Tuesday soon.

So, you're looking for a new blog to read that will add a bit of prettiness and inspiration to your daily life, seriously check out Carly's blog. It's really, really fabulous and put quite simply, it's a blog that just makes me happy whenever I read it. If you head over, tell her I sent you! Happy reading.