this past week via Instagram

This past week...

I wore a lot of fall colors,

took Henry to our public library's storytime,

played games and sang Halloween songs with him,

treated myself to a delicious breakfast,

visited baby Zelia and her proud parents (mama Mary not pictured),

made up my own concoction of sea-salt dark chocolate raspberries,

laughed at my toothy, goofy boy and took a lot of walks in the cool mornings,

went to a dinner party at The Molines...

enjoyed homemade soup,

got in some Adie time,

Hank cooked us a delicious vegan meal,

we snapped lots of family photos,

enjoyed the gorgeous fall days,

had an apple slice dipping bar + Hocus Pocus night at our house,

and we bought our Christmas tree! Although we won't be putting it up quite yet!

How about you? Did you do anything fun this past week?