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Fabric butterfly

Hm, not sure about the kind of lace thing. Not much inspiration lately, I promise, I'll try to do better next Sunday ^^'.

fabric butterfly

Super Fatcap

I just found these photos in my archives yesterday. I made this custom 20" Super Fatcap back in 2008 for a charity group show at KIDROBOT in New York. Unfortunately it got damaged on the mailing route.... So these flix are all that's left of it.

Transfer of Labor Pain

A married couple went to the hospital for baby delivery. Upon their arrival, the doctor said the hospital was testing an amazing new high-tech machines that move  the mother's labor pain to the baby's father. He asked if they wanted to try it.

Both said they were very in favor of it.
Doctors set the pain transfer to 10 percent for starters, explaining that even 10 percent was probably more pain than the father had ever experienced before. But as the labor progressed, the husband felt fine and asked the doctor to go ahead and kick it up a notch.

The doctor then adjusted the machine to 20 percent pain transfer.
Husband was still feeling fine. The Doctor then check the blood pressure of husband and amazed at how well he is doing.
At this point they decided to try for 50 percent. The husband continued to feel well. Since the transfer of disease is obviously helping the wife considerably, the husband encouraged the doctor to transfer aLL the pain to him.

Wife delivered a healthy baby with virtually no pain, and the husband had experienced none. She and her husband were ecstatic, and he left the hospital within a few hours.

When they got home they found the mailman dead on the porch: mellow:

Jelly Belly C...olor Beans

"Vampire Bat" / customized 1000% Bearbrick

I made this customized 1000% Bearbrick for a friend this year. It is ready to drop the bomb!

Cactus Trooper / by Nick Knite

Got this nice paper folded Teddy Trooper tribute sent in by Nick Knite. Follow his cactus characters on his website.

We Play All The Crab Music... In Amsterdam

A quick trip from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam after my show at TOYKIO. Visited my friends TheLondonPolice over there. Also done some quick things with Dries, IvesOne and Bustart inside while it had been raining tigers and wolves.

Making Of...

So... I promised to upload a little post about the making of that Indiana Jones jacket. Because people still asking me about this and the JBCB crew jackets i finally took time to show you some secrets from the magic shop. But there is no big magic at all about it...
For the patches i used regular white cotton fabric you can get from any draper's shop available by the meter. To give the thin material an additional strength and to make it more easy to paint on it and to sew it on later i put a layer of felt fabric to it (that felt material that you can iron on onto the cotton fabric's back). After making the layout of the patches on the jacket on paper sheets i traced the drawings to the cotton pieces on a light table. Then adding some stencil spray parts first using regular spray paint. Most of the rest of the designs are handpainted with acrylics and brushes. This won't last for any washing in a washing machine... but you shouldn't ever wash a denim or leather jacket at all! So then there is this little "magic" to give the whole thing a more "vintage" and "used" look. Before sewing the patches to the jacket i put them into a bowl of hot strong black tea. You can also put some little drops of black acrylic to the tea water. Let it soak for 20 minutes. Also put some more dirt spots on the patches with some cold coffee after the patches have dried from the black tea. The tea soak will also crumble the cotton material and frazzle the edges of the patches. Last but not least i sew the patches to the jacket with tea-soaked sewing cotton. Stitching through that god-damn leather until my fingers bled... Worth the pain. Lucky you if you're still living at your Mom's house so she could help you out on this...

The Kraken Wakes

... Under Water Music.

The Receptionist in Law Office

A guy phones a law office and says, “I want to speak to my lawyer.” The receptionist
replies, “I'm sorry but he died last week.”

The next day, he phones again and asks the same question. The receptionist replies, “I
told you yesterday, he died last week.”

The next day, the guy calls again and asks to speak to his lawyer. By this time the
receptionist is getting  little annoyed and says, “I keep telling you that your lawyer died
last week. Why do you keep calling?”

The guy says, “Because I just love hearing it.”

A quick nap joke:

If you laid all of the lawyers in the world end-to-end around the equator, it would be a
good idea to leave them there.

The Employee Explanation

Suddenly, one of the employee in an organization took 10 days Leave Without any notice. When he returned his manager asked for explanation.

The employee said "Sir, my mom died unexpectedly". The manager let it go at That.
After 3 months the same pattern repeated, and this time the said his father died. Then the manager got changed. After 3 months the same pattern Repeated. And the employee gave the explanation that his mom died.
After 3 months same thing again... And this time his father died. This Happened repeatedly for 2 years. At the end, Human resource manager checked his past records and told him, "I have caught you red handed, How come in the past 2 years, your mom has died 5 times, and your dad has died five Times?"


To which the employee said, "Sir, my mom died and my father remarried. Then my father died and my new mom remarried. Then my mom died and the new Father remarried. This has been going on and on and on and..."

Rare Sightings....

Sex, Drugs and ROCK'n'POCH

I still enjoying this more than any cloudy-liquid-lava-diamond-cracked-stone-faded tapestry pieces. So damn good work from my french companions ROCKY ROCK and POCH! Photos from here.

"Admiral Ackbar" customized 10" Teddy Trooper

I made another custom 10" Teddy Trooper for my show at the TOYKIO gallery. Like mostly everybody else my age grew up with the Star Wars movies and maybe more important: the Star Wars Kenner toys. I had been thinking for a long while which of the classic SW characters i could pick. Some of them are obviously fitting on the teddy and helmet.... Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Biker Scout, Death Star Gunner.... etc. Most of them have been remixed a hundred times. Somehow at the end i came up with the lamest and uncoolest character of the whole universe: Admiral Ackbar. And the Kenner's Ackbar toy figure even came with the most useless weapon of all time. A stick. "Hey! Look at my new stormtrooper figures i just got! Those big blaster they have! They can shoot down everything. What have you got?" - "Admiral Ackbar! He can destroy the Death Star! With this... äh,... stick... thing." (To not offend Ackbar's dignity any further i haven't given him a stick... thing.)
Available at the TOYKIO Shop&Gallery.

Pricks On Bricks

Rose heart

I have the feeling I already saw something like this somewhere (probably better, this was done without reference so the shading is a bit weird)
Rose heart